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Hello Person-Reading-This. Pleased to meet you. I am Chill Amaan Fali. You can call me Chill AF.

I, by and large, try to social distance myself from all forms of of stress. I do that by flying. A lot. Maybe that's why people address me as Your Highness. I come from a large extended family, or to be blunt, from a joint family. I dig music, specially that of DJ Digweed. Of late, I have discovered a chill way to fly sober. It has all the benefits of flight without the risks, and it's 125% legal. It's called Booch - The Chill Drink. Give it a try.



Chill AF 

PS: We could have hung out, but sadly, I am just a two-dimensional personality



Shashank Gupta always dreamt of flying. As a student studying Chemical Engineering at IIT Bombay he spent all his time on an aeronautical project. He was working on a concoction that would help people fly without a plane or wings. Strangely enough, the faculty did not take too kindly to this aerial project and clipped its wings, forcing Shashank to abandon it. He next tried to create an artificial intelligence Flying Duck. Investors were unimpressed by the idea. You could say, they couldn't give a flying duck. He moved on again.


He learnt the ropes of marketing in the corporate world, spending a decade in Unilever and ITC selling soaps and shampoos and hanging on to his pet dream, flying. For inspiration, he well, flew around the world. In particular to Amsterdam and Bali. Upon returning from his travels, he quit his job and perfected the recipe for a non-alcoholic drink that could amazingly make anybody fly from wherever they are. Shashank had finally created his dream beverage that let you 'fly sober'.

And that Ladies and Gentlemen, is the true story of how 'Booch, the chill drink', came into existence.

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